Prof. Dennis Vink, PhD

Dennis Vink -
Full Professor of Finance and Investment

Dennis Vink’s ten years of practical and academic experience reflect his interest in corporate finance. He lectures Finance in the MSc, MBA and Executive education

programmes at Nyenrode Business Universiteit and he has organised and taught numerous courses, seminars and workshops. Participants come from a highly diverse range of companies: ABN-AMRO, Ballast Nedam, CRV Holding, Capgemini, ENECO, Fortis, ING, NIB Capital, Rabobank, Sony, Unilever, VNU, Vodafone Libertel, to name but a few.

He received a Master of Science degree in Financial Management from Nyenrode Business Universiteit (1999), where he also obtained his PhD degree (2007) with a thesis on Asset Securitization. Additional training was followed through the Tilburg PhD Programme in Finance. His academic work deals with empirical research in the field of corporate finance, with a particular focus on structured finance (see Wikipedia for an extended definition on securitization: Prof. Vink acts as a referee for papers submitted to the European Financial Management, published in conjunction with the European Financial Management Association.

Furthermore, Dennis Vink works as an independent business advisor covering a wide range of disciplines in the world of structured finance. Not only has he authored over ten articles in this field but he has also participated in the supervision of a number of finance projects for the benefit of multinational corporations and financial institutions, including for instance Essent, NIB Capital, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Stork, SHV and Kroymans Corporation. Among other things, these projects included asset-backed securitization issues, value-based management and cost of capital issues.


The following represents a selection of seminars, workshops and courses on specialised topics related to funding and investment.
  • Time Value of Money
    • Measuring Wealth
    • Present Value Computation
    • Future Value Computation
    • The Net Present Value Investment Rule

  • Analysis of Investment Projects
    • The Investment Process
    • Investment Decision Rules
    • Do's and Dont's
    • Sensitivity Analysis Using Spreadsheets

  • Valuation of Common Stocks
    • The Valuation Problem
    • Projected Earnings
    • Projected Dividends
    • Projected Cash Flows

  • Valuation of Fixed-Income Securities
    • Using Present Values Formulas to Value Bonds
    • Term Structure of Interest Rates
    • Reading Bond Listings
    • Interest Rate Sensitivity

  • Risk and the Required Rate of Return
    • The Capital Asset Pricing Model
    • Beta and Risk Premiums on Individual Securities
    • Valuation and Regulating Rates of Return
    • Some Cautions about Beta

  • Gearing and the Cost of Capital
    • Cost of Debt
    • Cost of Equity
    • Firm Value
    • Adjusted Net Present Value

  • Options and Contingent Claims
    • Investing with Options
    • The Black-Scholes Model
    • Other Applications of Option Pricing Methodology

  • ABS, CDOs, and Synthetics
    • Fundamentals of Asset-Backed Securitization
    • Cash Flow Analysis and Pricing
    • Risk Transfer through Credit Default Swaps

  • Leveraged and Mezzanine Financing
    • Review of Valuation Tools for Acquisitions
    • Implementing Senior, Mezzanine and Equity Finance
    • Modelling an LBO

Useful Websites

CNN Finance, The Financial Times, The Economist, Bloomberg, Reuters, Securitization.Net